What ADfini will do for you as an independent music therapist, or Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) company:

  • Identify and explore these potential Target Markets for identification and prioritization of best opportunities.
  • Screen and prequalify potential groups, and individuals within groups, most likely to pursue the use of contracted NMT services.
  • Provide these groups and individuals with information, resources, articles, videos and other evidence-based research into the effectiveness of NMT as viable alternative therapy.
  • Provide information gathered by ADfini on qualified opportunities directly to partner music therapist or NMT Company – so they can establish and grow the therapeutic relationship directly with client.
  • Provide administrative and any necessary contractual support for larger opportunities.
  • Provide Social Media Marketing support, and increase exposure for our partner music therapist partners and NMT companies.


ADfini provides a platform for on-line scheduling of therapists and these pre-qualified target customers, making the client handoff seamless.  

To be considered as a provider of Neurologic Music Therapy services for ADfini, please contact us so we can further discuss how we can generate more potential clients and future business for you.